Louisville Anzeiger

December 12, 1862


Yesterday, the forage train of Sill's division, about 175 wagons under protection of the 4th Brigade, was first attacked from the front, but the enemy was soundly repulsed by the 5th Ky. Reg. (Louisville Legion), quite a few dead and wounded were left behind. Hereupon, followed a bold attack from the flank, which was covered by the 93rd Ohio Reg. Because this regiment delayed firing, the enemy easily overpowered the regiment [and the enemy] drove off with several wagons. After a short distance, they burned the wagons and took away the mules hitched to them as booty. The Sixth Brigade received the order to go to the support of the 4th Brigade, it was, however, still not far, when it had to turn around again. The above was related to me by Lt. Dissel of Louisville, the commander of Company E of the Louisville Legion.



          A. M……

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